Brief Background

I started my computer career in the early 90's as a computer programmer.  Doing desktop systems programming in C, Pascal, and RDBMs languages were the ones I got fond off.

Aside from my addiction in computer programming, I also found myself fond of teaching computer subjects to children and adults, from computer fundamentals to systems programming. And so as with my computer programming career also started my career as a professional educator.

In the mid 2k was when I got engaged in the world of Internet, and started my first online career as a Virtual Assistant in a US-based Appraisal Company. This was actually when I also started enjoying life 🙂

And so our story continues...

As for now, I have serviced happy wonderful clients all over the world. Enjoyed different great online computer jobs from being a content writer, a graphics editor, a video producer, a researcher, a virtual assistant, a computer programmer, to a web designer. And have met awesome people from different walks of life. The best thing is, I don't need to travel to experience those.  And I think it is high time to also share these work-from-home awesomeness I'm experiencing right now.

For Inquiries...

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